My-estub – Knowing About My etub Paperless Pay

You can use PAPERLESS Pay to have access to PTO balances, payroll deductions, wages, TAX before deductions, coupons (from pharmacy, cafeteria and gift shop), and many more. The interesting part is all of these pieces of information can be accessed online and you can even choose to have them sent through email or SMS. Whether you need to view your paystubs last month or a year ago, you can do it quick with paperless pay.

The first thing to do so you can view your paystub is to visit  My estub Employee Portal which can be found at the bottom of this page. And you can also click to learn more about my-estub login.

Once the page loads, go to the top-left of the site and select “Employee Portal”. You will then be required to enter your Username and Password. Before clicking Login, make sure you use only upper cases.

Aside from advantages, you can also expect disadvantages from using a My estub Paperless Pay.


My-estub PAPERLESS Pay Advantages

Since you are required to log in with your username and password, this just means that your records are kept secured and confidential. It is also very unlikely for records that are stored electronically to get lost or corrupted. One can also limit their number of storage into one. There’s no need to hire accountants when you have payroll software. All the necessary calculations will be made by the software real-time. Certain banking transactions are done online such as assigning various accounts for your salary to be deposited. For this reason, you don’t have to travel or leave necessary activities just to visit a bank and cash or deposit checks.


My-estub PAPERLESS Pay Disadvantages

Unless the software is cloud-based, it is important for its user to update it when newer payroll laws or Tax rates are imposed. If the software is installed in the user’s computer (otherwise called ERP or on-premise software), he should be the one to keep his or her information safe. Moreover, there are certain states where you need to have a bank account, most especially those who permit multiple forms of payments aside from direct deposits. In case you don’t have a bank account, paying an employee with a Pay Card may not be a definite alternative because it is also restricted by the laws of some states. It all boils down to having a bank account in certain states.


My estub Employee Portal:

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