My-estub Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not the only who knows my employee ID, can that someone also have access to my paystub?

No, he can’t access your paystub because logging into your account would require your password and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.


Can I only access Paperless Paystubs using an email account?

No. There are other ways to receive your paystub apart from emails. For instance, you can set the platform to send your pay stubs via SMS. Moreover, you can directly view your paystubs on the internet and save or print it if you want.


Is it safe to access using my computer?

Yes and this can be proved by the annual certification program called SAS70, which is conducted by The Paperless Pay Corporation. More information about SAS70 is available in this link.


Why is my pay stub not available on Internet Explorer 9?

Make sure your Compatibility Viewing Settings include the website of You can add the website manually.


How do I unlock my account?

Locked accounts can be best solved by the platform’s help desk. Contact them through these numbers: 1-800-489-1711 OR 910-615-4182

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